Czur ET16

ET16 portable scanner can digitize 60 pages per minute. Aside from scanning texts or images on paper, the unit can capture objects and turn them into a 3D model

Informacije o proizvodu

  • True Smart Scanner
  • Maximum A3 format
  • Scanning speed <1s/page
  • 16 million pixels camera
  • One key OCR

Without removal stapling, flipping the pages to scan.

Bound materials can be scanned with no need to detach pages. The page scanning can be finished on your page turning done and 30 pages can be processed in one minute. Freeing our hands, solving bound materials scanning problem, providing professional image-processing software, processing images automatically, all of which makes our scanning work a nicer experience.

HD camera scanning up to A3 format

The maximum scanning size of ET16 is A3 format and sizes below A3 can be easily scanned. We choose Sony 16 million HD pixels sensor chip which can present a clearer image and avoid false interpolation. Technical support of Sony makes scanning image more delicate and smooth, presenting the very detail of every document.

OCR function, fast editing & smart restoring, automatic processing

Embedded world-class image & character recognition technology of ABBYY company. ET16 can recognize up to 34 languages with high accuracy and finish scanning with OCR function and fast editing & intelligent restoring technology. Czur has independently researched and developed image-processing technology, such as intelligent surface flattening, automatic finger-removing, background purification, error-correcting & edge cutting. it can automatically process scanning and restoring simultaneously.

1080P FHD Video

Video presenter function has been achived independently via HDMI, transmitting 1080P FHD video image to projector of screen, which makes lectures and classes easier.

ET16 technologies you need to know

  • Camera, Fixed focus+ great depth lens, 16 million pixels Sony sensor chip
  • CPU, 32-bit MIPS CPU, 1Gbit DDR3, 2Gbit Nand Flash, 480 MHz CPU Frequency
  • LED light, Matrix type energy-saving cold white LED light technology, providing uniform light without shadow, background color, glare or flicker
  • WiFi Intelligent network and acoustic decoding technology using the new WiFi module, communication with the host through SPI or SDIO interface equipment connect to network without system requirement
  • TFT screen displays what you are scanning simultaneously

Using CZUR ET16, scan the items you want to save

  • Bound materials. Without removal stapling.
    • Books
    • Diaries
    • Vouchers
  • Unbound materials. Multi pages scan at the same time
    • Sketches
    • Papers
    • Business cards
  • Three-dimensional scan.
    • Sculpture
    • Packing box
    • Toys

Sensor type: HD CMOS
Pixels: 16 Mps
Resolution: 4608×3456
Scan speed: 40-80 pages/min
Light source: Nature light + Auxiliary light
Max size: A3
Focus way: Fixed auto focus
Preview resolution: HDMI 1920×1080 30 frame, PC 1536×1152
Video output: MJPG, YUV
Image format: JPG, PDF
OCR: Yes
Cache: DDR3 1 Gbit
Port type: USB2.0 High speed
Storage: 1 Gbyte
Scanning switch: automatic, hand button, foot pedal
Cloud & Storage: 10 G free storage space
Supported OS: XP/Win7/Win8/Win10
WiFi module: Yes
Multi beam laser: Yes
MIC: Yes
TFT screen: 2.4 inches, 4:3
Power supply: External adapter, 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
Size: 37.5 (L) x22 (W) x 39 (H)
Weight: 3 kg