The new and revolutionary large format flatbed scanner for books, documents, texttile and art.

Informacije o proizvodu

The IQ FLEX is a real game changer.

The all new IQ FLEX flatbed scanner is radically different from what you already know and will revolutionize your workflow. The IQ FLEX provides better quality and more opportunities in every way.

This flatbed scanner makes it easy to scan books, oversized documents (up to A1/D-size), textiles, artwork or delicate materials without image distortion. Be creative – the IQ FLEX will meet your challenges and exceed your expectations.

Scanning at your fingertips – operate, edit, annotate, mark-up, file, and share your scans effortlessly using the touchscreen.

Powered by 64-bit technology and Wi-Fi enabled

Operate it through the Contex custom 64-bit Linux based built-in controller or opt-up to the full professional Nextimage5 award winning software (supported Windows 7/8/10 64-bit OS).

Wi-Fi enabled makes it flexible to connect to your networks (freely choose to connect via Wi-Fi or LAN Gigabit Ethernet).

Up to A1 / D-size

True A1 / D-size scanning in an A2 / C-size package

Simply place the documents and follow the guide on-screen. The IQ FLEX scanner will scan all your oversize documents up to A1 / D-size

Full 1200 dpi CIS technology

Manufactured using Contex CleanScan+ CIS modules and with an optical resolution up to 1200 dpi IQ FLEX outperforms other technologies that use single direction light sources. Unwanted shadows in folds and creases are removed while high-contrast CIS technology converts your documents to crisp, clean digital reproductions. Contex IQ Flex is the leading flatbed scanner for your projects.

Bring out the BEST in your printer…

…combine it with a Contex Scanner

Contex works closely with leading printer manufacturers to offer truly integrated printer drivers. Where other manufacturers rely on Windows printer drivers, Contex internal drivers simplify operation by bringing loaded media information and printer status details directly into the Contex interface.

Printer drivers included – HP, Canon and Epson native printer drivers are included as standard.

Touch screen

Simply press scan – Place documents or flat-laying objects on the scanner bed and then press the green scan button on the built-in touchscreen controller – it’s that easy!

Customize your user scan profile – Combine IQ FLEX with Contex LINK software and you have the opportunity to really customize your scan experience. With this small, free network application you can scan to any network folder, email and even upload to services in the cloud.

More possibilities

Protect fragile originals by placing them gently on the scanner bed or utilize the flexibility of IQ FLEX to scan books, textiles and/or artwork that you would like to transform into digital content.

Also optimize your book scanning experience by automatically removing the spine and splitting the pages with our ‘Book’ scanning mode.

Full 48-bit Color

Where other scanners ignore some color data, the IQ FLEX offers full 48-bit color workflow. In addition, the IQ FLEX delivers Adobe RGB and Device RGB for the largest gamut in the industry.

Contex colors are ensured by xRITE i1.

Scan to Cloud

IQ FLEX is also rainforest365 enabled and will send documents directly to your preferred cloud destinations.

Optional Scanning Software

Benefit from the fully-featured Nextimage software (cost option) while controlling IQ FLEX from your computer. Nextimage provides true 1:1 pixel viewing, more file formats, extra printer drivers, copy functionality, editing and much more.